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Driving Info

Documentation needed in order to rent a vehicle on Jamaica
In order to rent a car on the Island, you will need to have your driver's license and an accepted credit card available.

Documentation needed in order to drive on Jamaica
Foreign and International driving licenses are accepted. You do not need any other form of documentation in order to drive on the Island.

Driving laws and culture on Jamaica
Driving is on the right-hand side as in the U.S. Be aware of frequent stopping. It is common to use the horn or high beams (during the day) to greet or thank another driver. Right turns on red are prohibited.

Parking on Jamaica
There is limited parking in Jamaica, and you will generally have to pay in order to find a place. Be careful of where you park because you can be blocked in. Double-parking is also common.

Age limit to drive on Jamaica
Each car rental company decides how old the driver of the vehicle must be. For information, visit the Rental Terms page.

Seatbelt, safety seat, and helmet policy on Jamaica
All drivers and passengers must wear their seatbelts, and all motorcyclists must wear helmets. Children under four-years-old should be in a child safety seat. Older children should ride in the back seat.

Road contitions on Jamaica
Roads on the Island are not as maintained as they could be due to hurricane destruction. Most main streets are well-lit at dark. The main roads are in good condition, but the back roads are not as maintained, and sign posting is limited.

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